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Well-woman exams are a vital part of routine preventive care. At Women’s Health Care Center of Houston, with two offices in Houston, Texas, the board-certified OB/GYN team offers comprehensive well-woman exams, breast evaluations, and Pap smears to identify potential health issues in their earliest stages. In addition to routine screenings, your provider can provide resources to support your overall physical, emotional, and mental health. To schedule your well-woman exam, call the office nearest you or book an appointment online today.

Well Woman Exam Q&A

What are well-woman exams?

Well-woman exams are routine preventive care exams that focus on identifying abnormalities in your reproductive or general health as early as possible.

The team at Women’s Health Care Center of Houston recommends all women receive well-woman exams once a year to monitor their health from one year to the next.

In addition to addressing your reproductive health, your well-woman exam is a great time to discuss issues that affect your emotional and mental health, including changes that relate to your transitions to menopause.

What can I expect during a well-woman exam?

During your annual well-woman exam, your provider at Women’s Health Care Center of Houston takes time to review your personal and family medical history. They discuss your existing health and any concerns or unexplained symptoms you have since your last visit.

As part of a routine wellness check, the Women’s Health Care Center of Houston team offers pelvic exams. These manual exams allow your provider to identify abnormal growths and other issues that affect your reproductive health. Your provider can also examine your breasts to pinpoint unusual lumps or other breast changes.

A Pap smear is a diagnostic test often done at the same time as your pelvic exam. This test involves a swab of your cervix to collect cells for further evaluation. Any changes in these cells can be an indication of a pre-cancerous or cancerous condition.

The team at Women’s Health Care Center of Houston may also request blood testing and a urinalysis to assess your hormone levels and identify signs of infection or other underlying health issues. 

In addition to your physical examination, your Women’s Health Care Center of Houston provider can discuss options for birth control and provide other family planning resources during your appointment.

What happens if my Pap smear results are abnormal?

If your pelvic exam or Pap smear indicates you may have an underlying health issue, your Women’s Health Care Center of Houston provider customizes a treatment plan. They may also request further diagnostic testing, such as a colposcopy.

A colposcopy uses a specialized magnifying instrument that allows your physician to carefully examine tissue in your vagina, cervix, and vulva to check for signs of disease. 

Information from this type of test helps your doctor recommend the right treatments to protect your reproductive health.

If it’s been longer than a year since your last well-woman exam, schedule an appointment online or by calling the Women’s Health Care Center of Houston office nearest you today.